Five Reasons to Avoid Mass Tourism

Five Reasons to Avoid Mass Tourism

November 26, 2020

There are two types of traveller in the world – those who like to go it alone and forge their own path and those who prefer the whole lot to be done for them. Unfortunately, the second type causes all sorts of problems. While there is no doubt a strong appeal to package deals, this leads to mass tourism. Tourism is a problem for people and the planet. If you are yet to be convinced by arguments that talk of the unsustainable qualities of tourism, here are five reasons to avoid those package holidays:

Earth Care:

Large numbers of people descending on a few particular places on the globe naturally erodes, if we are not careful. Mass tourism can be a huge strain on local landscape and resources. Think also of the amount of water, electricity etc. that are consumed by traditional package tours and mass tourism destinations. Traditional mass tourism puts a lot of strain on the places involved and also perpetuates a system that is far too heavily reliant on finite fossil fuels.

People Care:

The local people in mass tourism destinations are often sadly neglected and at times severely negatively impacted by the sheer numbers and demands placed on them and their resources. Of course, there is a huge economic consideration Рtourism is big business. But if you care about the people of the country or countries you are visiting, then you should go for an eco option, one which takes into account the lives of locals and makes the whole business fair and sustainable, rather than living isolated from the real, local world in a mass tourism bubble. best attraction Sentosa singapore 


With traditional mass tourism, package deals often insulate visitors from the real places they are visiting. Living within a hotel with everything laid on, it must feel eventually that everywhere is more or less the same. Why put up with this homogeneity? Instead, forge your own path and go out there into the world and see what it is really like, embracing the differences in culture and views rather than importing your

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