How To Organize Your Refrigerator – Food Storing Tips To Help You Out

How To Organize Your Refrigerator – Food Storing Tips To Help You Out

May 6, 2021

Have you ever been stumped about the numerous leftovers and unlabeled foods inside your fridge? A chaotic refrigerator can be wasteful. You tend to forget your edible leftovers inside until they rot and turn rancid.

This is the best time to learn how to organize your refrigerator so you won’t have to waste a lot of food.

Tip 1: Buy clear plastic containers russian food store

Buy sets of clear plastic containers in the grocery. Buy small to medium-sized plastic containers to store leftovers. Clear containers can make it easier for you to determine the contents inside. This way, you wouldn’t have to take out everything and open the boxes to find the one you want.

Tip 2: Label it!

Label the things you are putting in your fridge, especially the ones you have cooked previously. Indicate what it is and the date you prepared it so you can easily determine if it is still good enough to eat. You can use masking tape. Tear off a piece of masking tape and just write the information down using your pen or marker. Masking tapes are also easier to remove when you clean the container or when you are storing another food in it.

Tip 3: To store or not to store?

So you have a piece of pizza left. Are you going to store it in your fridge? Pizza tastes better when it is fresh. The longer it stays in your fridge, the more unappealing it gets. Store only those you can eat in the next few days. Do not store every tiny morsel left of your food. Either eat the rest up or throw it away.

Tip 4: Clean it first

When refrigerating condiments, you would want to wipe the jar or the bottle first to avoid stains. Crusty ketchup stains are hard to remove. Before placing it back into your fridge, make sure you wipe the bottle with a clean paper towel. Also tighten the cap to avoid spilling.

Tip 5: Remove decayed fruits and vegetables

If there are fruits and vegetables that are already starting to decay, you should use them already or remove them from the fridge. Fruits and vegetables emit gasses that can speed up the decomposition of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits can easily rot if there are rotten pieces of fruits inside the vegetable compartment.

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