Why Smokers Don’t Quit Smoking

Why Smokers Don’t Quit Smoking

July 24, 2021

With the techniques of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy we have studied hundreds of patients with smoking habituation and have found the number one reason preventing smokers from quitting is fear.

You might wonder, what in the world does a smoker have to fear when they have everything to gain from quitting. It’s important to remember that fear of anything, reasonable or not, is a powerful deterrence.

When the smokers think about quitting smoking even in the face of substantial quit smoking benefits, they begin to wonder; “how will they’ll make it through the drive to work without a smoke. What if they lose it in traffic, how much will they suffer, will they get into a wreck, will they show up for work in a really bad mood and get into trouble with the boss. How will they make it through the day; will people understand; how much flack are they in for? Will they even be able to get their work done without a smoke break?”

Non-smokers don’t go through that sort of painful thought exercise when they think about going to work.

There are plenty of other fears as well. Excess weight is an American epidemic now-a-days. Imagine the feeling of ballooning weight gain if you quit smoking. Even though weight gain is most commonly a problem with the “cold turkey” method and with gums, pills and patches, it is still a common cause for fear especially if the smoker is carrying around an extra 5-10 pounds already, and knows nothing of the quit smoking benefits associated with stop smoking hypnotherapy. cbd fruchtgummi

Commonly, smokers fear that they will have to experience awful traumatic pain in order to quit. Most smokers believe that it is not possible to quit smoking painlessly and comfortably even though stop smoking hypnotherapy handles all that easily and stops weight gain dead in its tracks too!

Most smokers who have not experienced the methods of advanced hypnosis worry too, that they’ll be plagued with cravings for the rest of their life. And, that’s just not true at all!

For so many years the societal message has been about how hard it is to quit. From family, friends, and neighbors, drug companies and the medical community we have all heard how nicotine is “more addictive than heroin”, how nicotine withdrawal is traumatic and, how people have locked themselves away for days while they suffered the withdrawal from cigarettes and compensated by eating everything they could find while simultaneously pacing the floor and pulling their hair out by the roots. Many of those “cold turkey veterans” return to smoke just one cigarette months or years later simply because their will power was able to beat the smoking habit before. Many simply give in to the urge again when some crisis surfaces. Sadly, many become hooked all over again because they dealt with the root-cause of their smoking in the first place.

“Urban Exaggerations” compound the fear of quitting tobacco in all its forms. Exaggerations as that above serve to embellish and elaborate on the victory or failure over cigarettes and tobacco products. If one is successful it’s a success equivalent to scaling Mt. Everest and, if the smoker failed, it helps to explain the degree of difficulty as being nearly impossible. When a smoker pits his wits and will power against the ever vigilant subconscious part of the mind the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the subconscious and failure is conspicuously waiting at the next turn even though a few, from time to time do win with will power alone.



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